Sowers History

The Sowers Group started out as the goals of young men that turned into a vision from God. Two brothers, Mike and Oswald, and their childhood friend, Kosto, joined together at the time of the first war in Congo with the vision of ministering to peoples lives through music. They had faced death and God saved them. They sang from their experience to minister hope to people in their region. When the second war began they were confronted with death again and left as a group for Rwanda. The time in Rwanda was a time of spiritual and team growth. Living together in the good times and bad they continued to minister through music with a small church in Kigali. During a time of prayer they received their name, the Sowers Group. Their first two songs, Umva and Yerusalem, were produced for radio and television and their first album, 70 x 7, was completed. God promoted them in Rwanda and the main television station aired their song Umva at the beginning of each day and before signing off each night. The Sowers Group were known all over Rwanda. Christelle joined the group after 70×7 was completed and is now married to Mike. The whole group moved to Uganda for specialized music training for 18 months. From Uganda, they moved to Tanzania and released their second album, Cheza! (dance).

Fun Facts:

Mike and Christelle got married on April 17, 2004 and have 3 children

Kosto and Mike grew up together playing guitar as their form of
childhood entertainment from the ages of 5.

Oswald was more interested in football as a teenager but has had unique melodies
run through his mind for as long as he can remember.

Christelle studied law in university but was known to entertain her parents guests
with singing and dancing when she was small.

Christelle learned to speak English primarily by listening to American singers,
writing out the lyrics to the songs and looking up the meanings in a dictionary.

Sowers Timeline:

– Core members, Mike, Oswald and Kosto, begin ministering in Bukavu, Congo before first Congo war 1995
– Core members flee to Rwanda during second war in Congo and continue ministering 1999
– Christelle joins the Sowers late 2001
– 70×7 is released in Rwanda 2002
– The Sowers Group move to Uganda for more training 2004
– The Sowers Group move to Tanzania late 2005
– The Sowers Group sign with Translator Records in January 2008
– The Sowers Group write 12 original songs for a Swahili musical being produced
by Pamoja Ministries called Nipe Jibu spring of 2008
– CHEZA! (dance) is released through Australia’s Translator Records 2009
– The Sowers Tour in Australia and New Zealand March-April of 2009
– Pamoja Ministries become the Label for the Sowers Group in Africa May 2009
– The Sowers Tour in Nairobi and Arusha July, August and September of 2009
– Christmas tour in Dar es Salaam 2009
– The Sowers perform at Sauti za Busara music festival in Zanzibar Feb 2010


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